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How it Works

In case you are new to digital downloads, or if you just need a refresher, this is what
Linen & Purple organisers is all about...

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Linen & Purple creates beautiful and practical organiser pages that you print yourself (at home, at the office, through a professional printer...)

This means that you only need to print the pages that suit your needs, and you can print as many of them as you want.
You can create your own organiser as unique as you are.

The organiser pages are available in pdf format - this means that they should print out exactly as you see them on the screen. You won't be able to edit the pages, but we would love to hear feedback and suggestions regarding what organiser pages you would find useful.

Linen & Purple organisers are available in 3 sizes: A5, A4 and US Letter

Follow the steps below to start creating your organiser:

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Etsy Shop 1.png

Step 1

Go to the Linen & Purple Etsy shop

The full range of Linen & Purple organisers is available to buy in our Etsy shop.

There are 3 easy ways to get to the shop:
1: click on any 'Shop Now' button on this website


2: type into your web browser


3: go to and search for 'linen and purple' (when it offers you the choice, select 'find shop names that contain "linen and purple"')

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Etsy Shop 5.png

Step 2

Choose an organiser

This is probably the most difficult part of the process! Have a browse through the various designs and choose your favourite.

Each design comes with files for printing A4, A5 and US Letter size planners. You might want your meal planner to be A4 size, but a motivational print in A5 for the fridge - you will get access to all sizes when you purchase your chosen design.

More images of the individual page designs can be seen by clicking on a product.

There are also a selection of images on the product information pages here.

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Step 3

Buy your selected organiser

Just click the 'Add to basket' button to buy your organiser.

The pages will be emailed to you by Etsy. They give a great explanation of the process here:

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Step 4

Print your pages

Save your pdf download onto your computer so that it is easy to find each time you want to print some pages.

Each Linen & Purple organiser comes with printing instructions on the first page.
You do not need to print all the pages in one go!
You can go back to the file whenever you need extra pages printed.

Additional help in printing pdf pages can be found online here:

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Why not try printing a Linen & Purple download for FREE?

There are a selection of Bible Study Planners available for free on this website, under the 'Downloads' option on the menu.

The pdf will open in a new webpage tab. Click on the picture of a floppy disk to save the pdf onto your computer. Alternatively, click the picture of a printer to print your pages straight from the website.

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